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The Steven Tyler Book Club

Aug 23, 2018


I'm kind of a dummy. I forgot the add the audio file for this episode, so it didn't publish. The episode has been available on the soundcloud, but for you folks its brand new.

This was recorded between chapters 5 and 6, hence the 5.5. Since this is technically new content, I am renaming it 9.5.5

The gang discuss Steven Tyler's 3 year relationship with the then 16 year old Julia Holcomb. This culminates in a pregnancy, a serious health scare and eventually an abortion due to Tyler's pressure.

Although there are jokes, this is a very different episode with a serious topic and minimal editing.

We did the best we could discussing the subject, but openly acknowledge that its an awkward subject for three 30 + year old men to discuss.

Apologies for the sound quality at point because Jordan and I were constantly batting our mics.